All of us love live content more. But many times, we just can’t make the time when our favorite TV shows, sports events are alive. This is a big pain point when things go to watching TV. Many IPTV box users will choose a DVR application to solve this problem.

Among all IPTV box products, SuperBox’s device did not offer the highest specification hardware like the Nvidia Shield. But SuperBox is always based on most users’ experience and provides the most humanity products. Don’t know how to start watching IPTV? Just plug-and-play with SuperBox! Hard to find a reliable service and tired of renewal? You got the best and never need to renew! Don’t know how to troubleshoot? 24/7 customer service is ready for you! And the “Playback feature” is the answer to never miss big events again!


What is the “Playback Function” of SuperBox?

“Playback function” is a new feature that been added to the SuperBox S2 Pro, which can help you to access up to the last 7 days of news, Sports Events, and many more TV shows. This function is not available for all channels, but works for nearly 40 channels including all sports events as of now. And this feature is so easy to use and control.


What’s the difference between “Playback” and DVR?

In first, we need to know what is DVR and how to use it. Simply put, DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. Most IPTV players will use apps like TiviMate to record videos, it’s a popular IPTV player which many IPTV providers supported, but some don’t.

There are three big differences between Playback and DVR. The first one is you have to manually record the live content with DVR, if you’re outside but don’t want to miss a big event, then you can ask your family member to record it for you. While with the Playback function, you don’t need to do anything to watch past TV shows. The next one is where the content is stored. Actually, you need decent internal storage if you want to DVR IPTV, because it’s stored in your device. But for Playback, the content is just stored in the cloud server, so you don’t need to worry about the storage with Playback. The last one is the Playback function has a limited list of channels at this time, but does have those important channels and all sports package. While DVR has no limit of channels.

How to use the “Playback Function” of SuperBox S2 Pro?

The “Playback Function” is an exclusive feature of SuperBox S2 Pro, which means you can’t use this function on any other IPTV boxes as of now.

All you need to do is go to App Store, select the “Playback” app then install it, and add it to the home screen. Next, open the application, scroll down to your favorite channel, select the time you want to rewatch, and press the left/right button to backward/forward.

How to upgrade the “Playback” application?

Sometimes, SuperBox may upgrade the “Playback” app for a better user experience or add new channels. All you need to do is go to the App Store again, if there’s a recycle sign on the upper right corner of the “Playback” app, just click it, it only takes a few seconds then you’re ready to go.


Watching TV at any time point is the future of IPTV, Playback function is just one of the evidence that SuperBox is always leading the industry. And we will be dedicated to providing the better TV entertainment experience to all.