Dear Customers,


Recently, someone is selling SuperBox S1 Pro on OfferUp App at an extremely low price.


SuperBox dedicated to provides quality products and better service. To fight against counterfeit and online scams, SuperBox brand has claimed that each distributor must apply for our official authorization, and SuperBox S1 Pro’s online price shall not below $299.


Return to the OfferUp seller, we’ve examined all of their pictures were stolen from others. And they don’t have any authorizations. Without a doubt, they’re scammers. For people who are attracted by their low price, please beware you might get scammed.

Please purchase our tv boxes from the online store with an official authorization certificate, you can also check your product’s warranty info and reseller’s authentication from here, otherwise we are not responsible for your loss. You can contact us if any questions.


SuperBox also hopes all customers stay healthy amid the outbreak, enjoy every moment with your family!



SuperBox Marketing Team