Superbox faq
What is SuperBox?2021-01-12T18:09:33+08:00

SuperBox is an English-based Android TV box for home streaming entertainment. The latest SuperBox S2 Pro has  2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, utilizes a quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor, supports Android 9.0 Pie and 2T2R dual-band WiFi. By simply connecting to your TV and the internet, you’re free to enjoy the smoothest home theater experience.

What is SuperBox S2 Pro and how does it different from S1 Pro?2020-12-08T17:30:09+08:00

SuperBox S2 Pro is the next generation of S1 Pro, there are many new features that have been added to this new streaming box.

Do you have a setup guideline for SuperBox S2 Pro?2020-12-08T17:34:00+08:00

Where to buy SuperBox S1 Pro?2020-04-13T14:53:00+08:00

Local Shops: Buy from local shops is the most convenient and fastest, you can contact your local Android TV box resellers to ask if them in stock of SuperBox S1 Pro.

Online Stores: You can also buy SuperBox online like Amazon, eBay, independent websites. Most of our distributors charge no shipping fee and offer all support as we do.

Wherever you buy SuperBox S1 Pro from, please be sure your seller was authorized, otherwise your SuperBox might lose warranty or get locked!

For wholesale or interested in becoming a reseller, please feel free to contact one of our sales representatives. Or directly drop an email at [email protected] or [email protected]

How to set up after receiving SuperBox?2020-11-09T16:38:31+08:00

We’ve created many tutorials about how to set up and tutorials of SuperBox, you can check videos on SuperBox YouTube Channel.

Or you can view and download the image file

SuperBox User Guideline-1

SuperBox User Guideline-2

What is SuperBOX S1 Plus Limited Edition?2020-05-13T17:43:45+08:00

SuperBOX Limited S1 Plus is the anniversary edition of SuperBox, in comparison with the well-liked SuperBox S1 Pro, it comes with 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and offers impressive 2 years warranty.

What is the warranty policy?2020-05-18T14:29:53+08:00

SuperBox S1 Pro’s warranty period lasts one year.

If there are any problems with your SuperBox Android TV box, please contact your seller or our customer service. In the first, to save your time, our technical support will do the best to help you to solve the problem. For the worse case, if your hardware gets into trouble and you won’t able to fix it, you can send the product to us and we will repair it for free within one year.

If your warranty period gets expired, you can still send the device to us for repair at separate cost. You’re still able to enjoy the service once the device been fixed. During the time of repair, we’ll offer an account to maintain your service.

What is the difference between SuperBOX S1 and SuperBOX S1PRO?2020-04-13T15:03:11+08:00

In terms of hardware: S1 only supports 2.4G network and has 1GB memory; S1PRO supports 6K, 2GB memory, and supports mobile phone remote control.

In terms of content: S1PRO has UK channels. (See the spec for more information )

Is SuperBox Legal?2020-09-24T19:57:45+08:00

Watching a stream of movies, TV shows, Sporting events won’t violate U.S. copyright law. SuperBox is a legal Android device, you won’t encounter a law issue unless uploading, downloading, or broadcasting content to a large group.

How to upgrade system manually if my SuperBox S1 Pro can’t upgrading automatically?2020-07-10T15:46:55+08:00

Upgrading firmware for S1 PLUS <https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ecHALh7-7eJe6gAabgklgzO4VAuAV0Dn/view?usp=sharing>

or watch the tutorial on Youtube


Does SuperBox Work in my Country?2019-11-07T00:48:17+08:00

– Yes, SuperBOX only needs internet connection, it does not have country restrictions.
– Due to its lightweight design, you can also bring SuperBOX in your travels and plug it in hotel rooms. SuperBOX is a perfect travel companion.

Is a VPN required?2019-11-07T00:48:11+08:00

– VPN services or IP unblocking services are not required to operate SuperBOX.

Do you provide support?2020-04-17T14:05:33+08:00

SuperBOX is dedicated to providing ongoing, after-sales support and technical support.

You can contact us by clicking Contact Us

Or follow our Facebook Page and send us messages

What are the internet speed requirements?2019-11-07T16:23:01+08:00

Our recommended internet speed for operation is 8Mbps for VOD streaming however, for live HD quality streaming you may want speed much higher than that. I would suggest find out what’s your current internet download speed then let us know so we can advise.

How often are the Updates?2019-11-07T00:47:35+08:00

– SuperBox software engineers will release updates from time to time.
– Rest assured that all the need updates and fixed will be released as needed for better customer experience.

Do you have Minimum Order Quantity?2020-04-30T06:21:42+08:00

– Our MOQ is 20 pcs.
– Discounts are applied when you order in bulk.

What are the payment options?2019-11-07T00:47:18+08:00

– We accept TT, Paypal, Western Union payment method.

How long do I have to wait to get the Box after Payment?2019-11-07T00:47:49+08:00

– You can get your box within 3-4 days.
– Buying from authorized local dealers is faster.

What are the delivery options?2019-11-07T00:47:28+08:00

– We can ship the ordered SuperBox by land, air or sea. (DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT)

Do you have Return Policy?2019-11-07T00:47:57+08:00

– Yes, if your device is defective and you are within your 1 year warranty period, we will either repair or replace your unit free of charge.