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4 01, 2021

Beware of Fake Products and Scam!

SuperBox has zero-tolerance for counterfeits and scams! Recently, there's an unauthorized seller are selling fake SuperBox's products on the market, make a promise but not deliver any goods to customers. This man is not trustworthy and harmed SuperBox's reputation badly. Attached the scammer's business card, please wide-open your eyes and don't order from this guy, [...]

25 12, 2020

Top 10 Best IPTV Set Top Boxes in 2021-Android TV Streaming Box Buying Guide

Immerse yourself in the home theater with family is a good choice to stay safe in the pandemic. In comparison with traditional cable television, IPTV has several unbeatable advantages. At first, you can save a lot of money by getting rid of the monthly cable charge. And standard broadcast stations only allow you to watch [...]

9 12, 2020

What is SuperBox S2 Pro and How Does it Differ from S1 Pro?

After months of waiting, the next generation of SuperBox S1 Pro has finally launched out. You might wonder why it takes so long, what’s the difference between S2 Pro and S1 Pro, does SuperBox S2 Pro really better than the S1 Pro since S1 Pro is pretty amazing? Now let me show you all details [...]

28 08, 2020

Everything You Need to Know When Selling SuperBox Offline

Online selling ranges from the use of websites, social media, trading platforms, and various ads. It’s no question that online marketing can reach more potential customers if you can handle online marketing skills well. But the traditional market still has its place, especially for IPTV boxes, you can even have more advantages when selling IPTV [...]

17 08, 2020

Why is Selling SuperBox is Better Than Fire TV Stick, Buzz TV Box, Nvidia Shield, Roku TV?

No matter you’re new or familiar with IPTV boxes, there’s no doubt that more and more families choose to switch to internet protocol television instead of traditional cable TV, which can save hundreds of bills per month. And when customers decide to select a device, many will choose mainstream TV boxes such as Fire TV [...]

7 08, 2020

Ultimate System Upgrade Guide to SuperBox S1 Pro, S1 Plus

When you bought SuperBox, you won’t need to worry about it will get outdated. SuperBox company will provide an intermittent frequency system upgrade to keep your device as always the latest version. Or if your SuperBox encountered some issue, in most cases, you can contact us and solve it by updating the system. There are [...]

13 05, 2020

Response to Competitors’ Recent Slander of SuperBOX

Due to SuperBox get more and more popular, there are some different voices came up. Some competitors blame us for losing their customers, instead of improving themselves. And some of them even spreads slander against our brand, described us as a "scam". SuperBox made its debut since June 2019. We really appreciate all customers' trust [...]

8 05, 2020

How to Check SuperBox’s Warranty Period and Authorization?

What to do if your SuperBox get trouble? All SuperBox products’ warranty period last one year, if there are any problems with your SuperBox Android TV box, please contact your seller or our customer service. In the first, to save your time, our technical support will do the best to help you to solve the [...]

23 04, 2020

How to Become a SuperBox Reseller to Make Money?

Android TV box is getting into one of the world's fastest-growing industries. When SuperBox makes its North America debut, it's gaining in popularity. If you want to start up or expand your Android TV box business, undoubtedly becoming a SuperBox reseller is a perfect choice. Let's talk about why and how to become a successful [...]