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15 04, 2020

Beware of “OfferUp” SuperBox S1 Pro Scam

Dear Customers,   Recently, someone is selling SuperBox S1 Pro on OfferUp App at an extremely low price.   SuperBox dedicated to provides quality products and better service. To fight against counterfeit and online scams, SuperBox brand has claimed that each distributor must apply for our official authorization, and SuperBox S1 Pro’s online price shall [...]

7 04, 2020

Differences Between IPTV Box And Android TV Box, And What SuperBox Is?

With so many set-top boxes on the market, you might not sure which one is your best choice when decided to switch to the set-top-box from the cable. You may also get confused with the terms like IPTV box, Android TV box. In fact, IPTV box and Android TV box are the two main categories [...]