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The first order is only the beginning of our partnership. SuperBox also gives the greatest support to help our business partner to grow with us in a long term.

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Why Partner With SuperBox

IPTV/OTT is the future of television, a solid hardware device is a must as well.

SuperBox is a new rising star of Android TV boxes, customers and market have proved it.

We provide the best 24/7 customer and technical services for every end-users, it’s a key point why we get trusted.

We do also support brand customization for clients, and offer the most compatible hardware-software matchup.


Rapid Growing

In the first half of this year, SuperBox sales rose by over 230% compared to the same period of last year.


Marketing Firm

SuperBox is the top brand of its branch field now and future.


Business Partners

We’ve cooperated with 120+ licensed distributors and OTT companies around the world.

Who we are looking for

Electronics Distribitors

Scale your business, expand the profitable product listing. No extra cost, no extra energy.

IPTV/OTT Operators

Leading the industry with experience, scale your projects, retain your audience.

Internet/Cable Providers

Boosting revenue by providing extra products/services.


Minimum investment, unlimited future.

What support do we offer

Online Marketing Support

To increase our clients’ credibility online, we distribute Reliable Reseller License to authorized partners. And we took huge efforts against irregular marketing activities to ensure licensed partners’ interests are not harmed. We  can also provide any online promotion materials including pictures, posters, videos if you have such a need.

Offline Marketing Support

SuperBox provides varieties of marketing materials for your offline promotion, including flyers, squad caps, shirts, eco-bags, car stickers, roll-up banners, etc. If you have any need of promotion materials, just contact your sales rep, it’s all free for our partners.

Brand Customization Available

We also accept Android TV box OEM services to help to build your own brand, with strong product and software backup, and years of experience in the industry. From marketing analytics, hardware-software compatibility, packaging, to shipping details and promotion directions. SuperBox will discuss every detail with you and help you to stand out in the market.

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What’s more…

We provide the best product and service. But before diving into this business, we hope you could do some research in your local market, talk to end-users, competitors. Then we can figure out the best solution together and make the most of it.

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Partners Sharing

“I sell many android tv boxes including Fire TV Stick, Beelink, Formular, Nvidia Shield, but Superbox is so different, it’s a real plug and play device, with quality live service. SuperBox grantly expanded my business since 2019, will stick to SuperBox in the future.”

Brandon Reed


“Been running an electronic store in my town for 10 years. I like to demonstrate Superbox when customers visit my store. Ultra easy to install, high picture quality, stable streaming. The Superbox s2 pro has become my store’s flagship product now!”

Steven Bailey


“With the help of Superbox, I’ve created my set-top box brand and promote it to my town, my city, my state. Instead of selling different tv boxes or services, now I feel the business is more belong to my own.”

Sonia Bateman