The Onn 4K Pro VS Superbox S5 Pro are twin significant figures in streaming field. With the surge in high-quality content and the widespread adoption of 4K displays, the demand for 4K streaming devices has skyrocketed. Consumers crave immersive viewing experiences with crisp resolution and vibrant colors, driving the market for advanced streaming solutions.

The Onn 4K Pro offers seamless streaming with its user-friendly interface and robust performance, catering to all casual viewers and avid enthusiasts. On the other hand, the Superbox S5 Pro stands out with its cutting-edge features, delivering unparalleled streaming quality and enhanced functionalities for discerning users. As the competition heats up in the 4K streaming device market, these two contenders vie for the attention of consumers seeking the ultimate viewing experience.

Onn 4K Pro VS Superbox S5 Pro : Overview

Onn 4k Pro Overview


 The Onn 4K Pro offers exceptional value at just $49.88, making it a steal for budget-conscious consumers. With hands-free voice control, navigating the interface becomes effortless, enhancing user experience. Plus, the lost remote finder feature ensures you never waste time searching for your remote again.

Additionally, the programmable shortcut button on the remote enables swift entry to your preferred apps or functions. Additionally, the USB ports permit easy connection of gamepads, webcams, and other accessories, expanding the device’s versatility. While it boasts Dolby Vision and Dolby Audio for enhanced picture quality and surround sound, it’s important to note that being a Walmart store brand, long-term reliability and support might vary. Despite this, the Onn 4K Pro remains a compelling choice for those seeking affordability and functionality in a streaming device.


Superbox S5 Pro Overview


The SuperBox S5 Pro packs impressive performance and storage features. With 4GB DDR RAM and 32GB eMMC storage, it ensures smooth operation for your entertainment needs. Running on Android 12 enhances the visual experience.

Connectivity is a highlight of the SuperBox S5 Pro. WiFi 6 support and dual external antennas ensure uninterrupted streaming. The Bluetooth 5.2 remote control with voice commands adds convenience.


Design and Build Quality


When comparing the design and build quality of the Onn 4K Pro and the Superbox S5 Pro, it’s evident that the Superbox S5 Pro takes the lead. The Superbox S5 Pro presents a sleek and modern design, featuring a durable metal casing that emits a premium feel. In contrast, the Onn 4K Pro opts for a simple and functional form, with a plastic casing that, while sturdy, lacks the elegance of higher-end devices. Overall, the Superbox S5 Pro offers a more impressive aesthetic and build quality than its Onn counterpart.

In terms of design, the Onn 4K Pro typically appears as a small, rectangular box with a minimalist aesthetic, whereas the Superbox S5 Pro boasts a more modern and stylish look. Regarding building quality, the Superbox S5 Pro tends to use higher quality materials such as plastic, metal, resulting in a more robust and premium feel relative to the Onn 4K Pro, which often relies on less expensive plastics. In summary, while the Onn 4K Pro may prioritize affordability, the Superbox S5 Pro stands out with its superior design and construction


Onn 4K Pro VS Superbox S5 Pro: Performance

In terms of performance, the Onn 4K Pro doesn’t quite live up to its “Pro” title. Its CPU performance is similar to the 1st-gen Fire TV Stick 4K, but newer models surpass it. Gaming performance disappoints, even among budget options. Although it edges out the 2023 Onn 4K box slightly, it falls behind other devices.

On the other hand, the SuperBox S5 Pro live up to its “Pro” title., delivers crisp 6K visuals. Its robust hardware and versatile features make it a solid choice for entertainment. If you prioritize performance, the S5 Pro emerges as a superior option.


Onn 4K Pro VS Superbox S5 Pro: Streaming Quality

Concerning streaming quality, the Onn 4K Pro offers a decent experience for those on a budget. It typically supports 4K resolution and HDR, but occasional buffering may occur due to internet speeds. Despite its affordability, it may struggle with demanding content and lacks the processing power of the Superbox S5 Pro.

On the other hand, the Superbox S5 Pro is renowned for its superior streaming performance. With more powerful hardware, it delivers smooth streaming even with high-resolution content. While it comes at a higher price and may require a more complex setup, its robust performance and potential for better audio output make it a preferred choice for those seeking top-notch streaming quality.


User Interface and Additional Features

The Onn 4K Pro boasts a user-friendly interface powered by Android TV 12 with Google TV features. With customizable favorite buttons on the remote, accessing preferred apps is a breeze. Plus, hands-free voice control via Google Assistant simplifies navigation. If you misplace your remote, fear not—the remote control finder helps locate it quickly. Moreover, with 32GB internal storage and a USB 3.0 port, you have ample space for apps and external devices. 

Meanwhile, the Superbox S5 Pro offers a seamless experience with Android 12. Its integrated app store streamlines app downloads and content access. Enjoy live TV channels, on-demand TVOD movies, and convenient 7-day playback for past shows. With voice commands and 6K content support, entertainment is at your fingertips. Whether you choose WiFi 6 or Gigabit Ethernet for streaming, expect blazing-fast speeds. Plus, the durable alloy case design ensures longevity. With new interfaces for Blue TV, Blue VOD, and Playback applications, the Superbox S5 Pro delivers an all-in-one entertainment solution.


Which One Should You Choose?

Considering performance, the Onn 4K Pro doesn’t outperform its predecessors or several Fire TV models in benchmark assessments. Conversely, the Superbox S5 Pro provides exceptional 4K visual quality.

Moving on to features, the Onn 4K Pro stands out with real USB support, enhancing its versatility compared to the Chromecast 4K. While the Superbox S5 Pro likely offers more features beyond basic streaming, further research is necessary for specifics. Consider these aspects alongside the cost-effectiveness of each device, with the Onn 4K Pro available at Walmart and the Superbox S5 Pro possibly having a different pricing structure. For a versatile, cost-effective option with impressive image quality, the Superbox S5 Pro could be an excellent choice.



The Onn 4K Pro is a bargain at $49.88 in Walmart, offering fantastic value. Equipped with hands-free voice control, a lost remote finder, and a customizable shortcut button, it’s a bargain. Plus, USB ports let you connect gamepads and webcams easily, enhancing your experience. With a smooth performance and a user-friendly interface, it’s a hit.

Compared to Chromecast, the Onn 4K Pro excels, offering features at the same price point. With Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos, it elevates your viewing experience. However, being a Walmart brand, long-term reliability and support may vary.

Pricing options for the SuperBox S5 Pro are 329.00$ . The SuperBox S5 Pro allows customers to choose according to their preferences. However, some users may find the app ecosystem limited and the user interface less intuitive. Additionally, the quality of customer support might vary.



When comparing the performance of the Onn 4K Pro and the Superbox S5 Pro, it’s evident that the Onn 4K Pro falls short in CPU power. Although it marginally outperforms the 2023 Onn 4K box, it lags significantly behind the 2021 model by 16%. Even against Google’s Chromecast 4K, the Onn 4K Pro exhibits a 17% performance deficit. The Onn 4K Pro suggests that while the Onn 4K Pro offers decent performance, it doesn’t quite match up to its predecessors or competitors in CPU capabilities.

Conversely, while specific benchmark scores are unavailable for the Superbox S5 Pro, it’s described as a modern, robust device with sharp 4K image quality. The  Superbox S5 Pro indicates that the Superbox S5 Pro likely excels in performance, especially in terms of visual output. Moreover, its diverse applications and cost-effectiveness make it an attractive option for users seeking versatility without breaking the bank.