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OVER 2,000 CHANNELS FULLY LOADED ANDROID BOX REVIEW SUPERBOX. Within just two months of what you pay for a cable, you won’t have more cable bills in your life. Best choice to put it in your movie room!


This Super Box has over 1000 US CA Norther America IPTV Channels with no subscription fee. Free for Lifetime HTV BTV Box.

Chigz Tech Reviews

Superbox S1 Pro – Upgrade your home entertainment without buying a new TV. Turn your TV into an endless library of new and all-time favorites, all that you want is just a click away from you!

XC techs

Superbox S1 Pro brings up lifetime livetv, it’s definitely a plug and play device for people who aren’t a tech savy.

Kevin Porteous

This Android box has a service included for lifetime IPTV and VOD! No monthly fees or extra charges. Buy the box and that’s it. It’s priced at $299US. There is over 10,000 movies and over 1200 TV series. It has Google Play store included for installing more apps.

Digital David

With the support of free-charged APPs like Blue TV or Blue VOD, you can access to all every latest movies, TV shows, sports, news, live channels and pay per views around the world.

Rohas Reviews

Wow that is pretty cool to get full android on a TV! You do get more out of the Superbox like a full web browser, free live TV built in,the ability to root it and get more features!

Dr. Venture

How would you like a lifetime supply of 1000 live streaming TV channels with video on demand, or for the price of one month or satellite.



What do Customers Say?

I am 66 and tech challenged. I read the reviews and noted the commments on how easy it was to set up. IT IS ALL TRUE! Easy to set up, great directions, clear warnings.
It worked right the first time, and was so easy.

Daniel Vargas

Most powerful TV Box around!

SuperBox streaming smoothly and stable. All those cheap TV Boxes with their 8 64-bit cores can’t provide such great Service that the SuperBox provides. There is a huge gap.

Steven Bailey

Simply amazing tv box

Very happy with this product. everything is the promotion says,Easy to setup and use.


I have gone through at least 4 different Android TV boxes and this one’s a keeper! The streaming is smooth. The setup process is really easy. And works really good with the bandwidth of my internet connection.you can get pretty much anything to watch on this box.


I ‘ve used SuperBox S1 Pro for about 5 months.

Easy to set up. Easy to use. Works great. This one will not disappoint. I have owned many of them and right now I have 3 of this model in my house.

J. R. Sanford

I received my box about 2 weeks ago and after a few WhatsApp conversations with the service provider, it is easy to setup. It is the best IPTV box in USA we have bought. This box is better than cable, netflix, hulu, hbo go, and prime put together. You can watch just about anything you can think of.

James Ginter

This was the BEST thing that ever happened to my TV! We are mostly happy with this, in fact, bought a second one so we could disconnect from the cable company everything but the internet. It’s easy to install and has a lot of movie choices. Best purchase I have made! Every household should own one!


Great android box!


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