Watching TV on the go is always tricky to deal with. Since the debut of SuperBox in 2019 and many customers consider it’s one of the best solutions for watching TV on RV, so we’re gonna compare different methods to get TV on your RV and share the experience of SuperBox with more of you.


There are 4 different ways to watch TV on your RV, firstly I’ll introduce all of their pros and cons briefly. Many long-term RVers probably choose 2-3 ways in case one gets down, but it always depends on your needs and budget.

  1. Over the air

Nowadays many RVs have a built-in antenna, and it’s the most traditional way and it’s free, so this is probably the first choice if you want to watch TV on the road.

But traditional means it has disadvantages, it’s the mercy of your location, if you’re out of local outside, then you won’t get your local channels, and all channels are very limited usually tens of them, you can only watch what you get with the antenna, and no DVR function.

  1. Cable Hookup

It’s also a free way to enjoy TV on your vehicle. With coax cable connects to TV, you can have a signal when you’re at the campsite. And it’s hardware connection that means you still get TV even in bad weather.

The bad point of the cable is you have to connect your RV electrical plug to the campsite outlets. If you’re outside of your campground, or there are not enough amp hookups, then you don’t get it. So this method is hard to say watch TV on the go.

  1. Satellite TV

Compared to other ways, satellite probably has the best reception on TV signal reception, because you need a dish to receive TV signal from the satellite directly. It takes a bit of hassle to mount the dish to your RV.

The price of dishes and subscriptions of what you want to watch might get very high nowadays. And if you’re somewhere with many obstructions, you don’t get a signal either. So satellite TV is my least recommendation if you want to watch TV on your RV.

  1. Internet Streaming

Internet protocol television is the trending of TV entertainment, even if you’re in an RV. The biggest pro of internet streaming is much easier to get what you want. Once you get a streaming device and connect to your TV, and set up the network, then there are tons of services you can choose from.

But it also has some cons. For some services, you might need to be tech-savvy, and in some places, the weak internet connection will cause buffering or freezing occasionally. The other disadvantage is the internet charge and service subscription could go high if you’re not familiar with them.


Why SuperBox is The Best Way to Watch TV On Your RV?

  1. Easy to use

SuperBox is the most user-friendly IPTV box for tech challenges since the beginning. If you’re in your home, just connect the box to your TV, and get internet either ethernet or WiFi, then you’re free to watch whatever you want. And it’s totally the same if you’re on RV.

  1. Portable to carry

According to many of our distributors and resellers, SuperBox gets very popular among the RV community. No matter if you’re a full-timer or a weekend RVer, the box is a portable device to carry anywhere and has no limitations if only you can get internet.

  1. A wide range of selections

SuperBox is also an Android device that supports tons of applications. You can download YouTube, Netflix, HBO, Netflix, or some exclusive apps for TV and movies. And you can enjoy music, videos, photos, even play video games with other apps.

  1. Stable streaming and connection

The newest SuperBox S2 Pro takes the most advanced decoding algorithm and performs 40% faster than competitors. It also adopts a dual external antenna for better WiFi connection, and supports dual-band(2.4G+5G) WiFi for various internet environments.


How to Setup SuperBox on RV

  1. Get a TV

Actually you don’t need a new TV for SuperBox, the SuperBox can turn any TV into a smart TV. And many people will use a small-size TV on RV, and it’s also fine to use with SuperBox. Just connect the box to your TV with an HDMI cable, then you’re ready to go to the next step.

  1. Setup your internet

Normally you have three choices includes local WiFi hotspots, cell phone with hotspots, and data-only routers. The local WiFi hotspots like McDonald, provides free internet but are generally not fast, and not safe enough. The next option is to get your service through your cellphone and a mobile hotspot, some ISPs may have unlimited packages, but if you’ve used like 15 or 20 Gigabytes of data your traffic will get throttling, so if you’re not a huge data consumer then this is a great option for you.

The best solution I would recommend is data-only mobile routers, you can buy all kinds of different mobile routers through a service provider like Verizon or AT&T.

One of the best of them is called Nomad Internet service, this provider partnered with three of the big Cellular carriers AT&T, T-mobile and Verizon to offer unlimited data-only service through a router. The price is roughly $100 per month with some coupon codes.

  1. Connect SuperBox to the internet and go

If you installed WiFi or Hotspot in your RV, just turn on your SuperBox, and go to Settings, set up your WiFi connection. If you have a router with unlimited data-only service, the ethernet connection may be the best way to give you the most stable streaming experience.


When you are or willing to hit on the road, then SuperBox is most likely the best way to watch TV. So enjoy your journey and SuperBox.