No matter you’re new or familiar with IPTV boxes, there’s no doubt that more and more families choose to switch to internet protocol television instead of traditional cable TV, which can save hundreds of bills per month. And when customers decide to select a device, many will choose mainstream TV boxes such as Fire TV Stick, Nvidia Shield, Roku TV. Most of them can be found on the electronic chains and supermarkets. Aside from you will pay for big brands’ promoting, follow the mainstream is no harm. But if you dig more, then you can find better alternatives like SuperBox.


For different types of customers, set-top box sellers need to prepare different products to suit their needs. If you can’t provide better products than Fire TV Stick, Nvidia Shield, Roku TV, you’re no different from supermarkets. And when you deciding which brand to sell, there are a few important factors that need to consider. Let me explain to you why is selling SuperBox is a better alternative.



That’s no wonder that customers will buy reliable, larger consumer-based boxes. SuperBox made its debut in 2019, and gain popularity rapidly in the last year. Till today, our end-users reached hundreds of thousands. Many end-users will buy more than 1 device at home for each room.


Easy to install and use

It’s very important for the evolution of technology. If a new thing is tech-savvy, then it meant to be a niche market. But watching TV is for everyone, you should not learn more to use IPTV set-top boxes. One of SuperBox customers said, “ Even my 6 years daughter and 80 years mother can set it up!” And many of our experienced resellers claim it “by far the most user-friendly tv box on the market”. Even you live on-the-go, the plug and play SuperBox will give you a superior experience.


Dedicated service

No other brands provide 24/7 customer and technical support like us. For each end-users, there are many ways to reach our customer service for any issue. It’s also one of the reasons that our boxes are easy to use. As the reseller, you don’t need to take much effort on after-sell service, big pro for all distributors.



How much could earn to sell SuperBox? That’s a big or the most important question. To protect all resellers’ profit, we took many measures to ensure fair competition in the market.

  • Authorized certification for legit resellers
  • Monitor online sales price and Amazon follow-up sales
  • Seller growth reward mechanism


Most importantly, buy what you can see and sell what you trust. According to our resellers’ experience, they will present SuperBox in their store, many customers may be attracted by its stable streaming and easy operation. Compared to other brands, SuperBox always performs flawlessly. You can also inquire about a sample from our sales rep for your test, we’ll get back to you within hours.